Neutering / Spaying


Spaying your puppy offers several advantages. A female’s heat periods can result in about 2-3 weeks of vaginal bleeding. This can be quite messy if your dog is kept indoors. Male dogs are attracted from many blocks away and, in fact, seem to come from everywhere to greet your female puppy. A male dog will go over, around, and through many doors or fences to try to reach your puppy. Your dog will have a heat period about every 6 months and can start her first cycle at around 9 months. Spaying is the removal of the uterus and the ovaries. A “heat” cycle will no longer occur. In many cases, despite of your best effort to keep your female from an attracted male can fail and the female will become pregnant; spaying prevents unplanned litters of puppies and is recommended. It has been proven over and over that as the female dog gets older, there is a significant incidence of breast cancer and uterine infections if your pet has not been spayed. Your vet might suggest spaying before she has any heat periods, this will virtually eliminate the chance of either. This can be done anytime after she is 6 months old.

Neutering Males

Neutering can offer many advantages. All male dogs are attracted to a female dog in heat, they will climb over or go through fences to find her. Male dogs are more aggressive and more likely to fight, especially with other male dogs when a female is in heat. As a male dog ages, the prostate gland frequently enlarges and can cause difficulty urinating and defecating. By neutering your male you can solve, or greatly help, all of these problems that come with owning a male dog. The neutering surgery can be performed any time after the dog is 6 months old. Contact your vet if you have any questions.